Denise Bonfiglio, Director of The Cadets

Justin Moore, Director of Operations

Ron Lambert, Assistant Director of The Cadets

Michele Teevan, Operations Manager

Additional admin coming soon

Marc Whitlock, Program Coordinator

Darcie Aungst, Artistic Director

Tom Aungst, Program Facilitator & Battery Arranger

Jay Bocook, Brass Arranger

Brandon Carrita, Front Ensemble & Audio Arranger

Neil Larrivee, Front Ensemble Facilitator

Jon Bilby, Visual Designer

Jeff Sacktig, Visual Consultant

Joe Sowders, Visual Consultant

April Gilligan Martinez, Color Guard Coordinator

Jake Gall, Battery Caption Manager

TJ Goss, Assistant Battery Caption Manager


Lee Beddis

Alan Aungst

Dan Richardson

Mike Galetta


Paul Nalesnik

Joe Ciancimino

Jeff Carmona

Anthony D'Andrea

Seth Lampert


Sarah Fabian

Andy Warntz

Aaron Mills

Neil Larrivee, Front Ensemble Facilitator

Rick Stetson, Front Ensemble Caption Manager

Kazuomi Motoike, Assistant Front Ensemble Caption Manager

Mike Bishop

Angela Bongiovanni

Garrett Davis

Andy Mroczek, Caption Manager

Production Writers

Robert Estler

Luis Hellinger

Greg Lagola

Joey Powell

Evan Turner

Curtis Ulhman

Educational Staff

Christopher Hand

Kelsey King

James Lazaro

Jake Montanaro

Jorge Portal

Enrique Perez

About Us

Our Mission is to support the development of young people into magnificent human beings through participation in the performing arts.


For general information about YEA! and our programs please contact us at:

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